Michael Spörk

Bluetooth Low Energy Expert - Embedded Systems Engineer - Researcher

I am research engineer creating highly dependable Internet of Things applications based on Bluetooth Low Energy. During my research, I have worked on several projects and have published several scientific papers at top tier international conferences and journals. Currently, I am finishing my PhD on "Dependable IoT applications based on Bluetooth Low Energy" at Graz University of Technology, where I also lecture Bachelor students in Electrical Engineering.

I am a Bluetooth Low Energy enthusiast and am always interested in new opportunities where I can use my expertise to create reliable and low-power smart things that connect to the Internet.



An open-source IPv6-over-BLE stack for constrained devices

BLEach is the first full-fledged open-source IPv6-over-BLE communication stack that is specifically tailored to constrained, embedded devices. Using BLEach, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices can connect to the Internet of Things and exchange Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) packets using BLE connections (IPv6 over BLE).

BLEach is the fully open-source IPv6-over-BLE stack for the popular Contiki OS. The stack implements full support for IPv6 over BLE according to the RFC 7668 standard and supports IPv6-over-BLE node and IPv6-over-BLE router devices. BLEach is interoperable with other RFC-7668-compliant devices and is able to exchange IPv6 packets with a maximum packet length of 1280 bytes. Because BLEach is fully open source, each of its modules can be optimized or extended to support a wide range of applications and hardware platforms.

BLEach is officially part of the Contiki-NG operating system and its source code available on GitHub. For further information, check its Project Website.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity-based advertisement using Bluetooth Low Energy/Eddystone Beacons

I use Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons to create advertisements that appear as notifications on Android phones. These notifications can be used to inform customers about any special advertising deals nearby.

My beacons were used during multiple trade shows to get the attention of passing visitors and bring them to the advertiser's booth.


My research focusses on creating highly dependable Internet of Things (IoT) applications that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication.

To create these applications, I use the standardized IPv6 over BLE communication protocol that allows BLE devices to communicate with every IPv6 device on the Internet without the need for a gateway that translates BLE data into IPv6 packets.

Using the methods I designed during my research, battery-powered BLE devices are able to operate on multiple years on a single battery and are able to transmit their data packets within transmission latency bounds (i.e. in real time), even in very harsh environments.

Visit my Google Scholar profile to see all my research output.

In case you are interested in my work, do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Selected Publications:


Research and Teaching Assistant

Graz University of Technology

I am part of a research team that focuses on creating a dependable Internet of Things. My research focus is improving the reliability and efficiency of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication. Besides my research activities, I teach three undergraduate courses for Electrical Engineering.

December 2016 - Present

Research and Development Engineer

SSI Schäfer, Graz

I was part of a team that designed, developed, and maintained embedded systems for storage, conveying, and picking systems in industrial warehouses. My tasks included:

  • Development and maintenance of reliable and robust embedded systems.
  • Development of applications for commissioning staff to configure/maintain deployed systems.
  • Life expectancy analysis (MTBF, MTTF, MTTR) of the company's embedded system portfolio.
  • Creation of training material, documentation, and user manuals.
  • Coaching of commissioning staff and customer support (1st and 2nd level).
  • 3rd level support

March 2009 - October 2016


Graz University of Technology

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information and Computer Engineering
Research Topic: Dependable Internet of Things Applications Based on Bluetooth Low Energy
2016 - Present

Graz University of Technology

Master of Science (MSc) in Information and Computer Engineering
Master's Thesis: IPv6 over Bluetooth Low Energy using Contiki
2013 - 2016

Graz University of Technology

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information and Computer Engineering
2009 - 2013


I am always looking for interesting opportunities, be it for research projects, freelance work, or otherwise.

In case you have any questions or want to get in touch, write me an email to mi.spoerk@gmail.com.