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I help companies with innovative Bluetooth Low Energy products to fix all their BLE performance problems, especially over long distances, under heavy interference, or in harsh environments.

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Depending on your needs and the stage of your development, I can help you with the following services:

Platform selection

Selecting the right BLE platform is difficult.

If you are starting out with your BLE, I can help you to check if BLE technology fits your requirements and to choose the right BLE platform.

Communication planning

Designing an efficient protocol based on BLE communication is tricky.

I can help to to design a highly reliable and energy-efficient BLE-based protocol that fits all your application requirements.


Implementing a full BLE stack is complex and cumbersome.

I can help you in implementing your BLE communication on embedded systems and smartphones to speed up your product development.


BLE communication may experience communication problems.

If you experience that your BLE devices have performance problems, I can help you to drastically optimize your BLE communication.


Are you interested in optimizing the performance of Bluetooth Low Energy communication?

You probably are here, because you are building innovative products that use BLE to communicate with other devices and you want to increase communication reliability, communication range, or data throughput. Or you want to decrease the communication delay of your BLE transmissions or the power consumption of your BLE communication.

The problem with BLE devices is that they often experience performance problems (e.g., lost or delayed data, low data throughput), especially over long communication distances or in harsh environments, such as crowded sport stadiums or industrial warehouses. This makes it difficult and frustrating to create reliable and user-friendly products that should operate in such environments.

6 years ago, while I was building my first BLE product, I experienced exactly these problems and realized that implementing reliable BLE communication is very tricky, especially when BLE devices operate near other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices or they exchange data over long distances.

This experience led me to do a PhD focusing on highly reliable and real-time BLE communication to understand all the inner workings of BLE radios to optimize their performance, even in harsh conditions. While publishing my academic work in top-tier international conferences and journals, I have also successfully used my BLE expertise to build highly reliable commercial BLE devices for smart logistics, professional sports tracking, and real-time industrial monitoring applications.

If you want to build highly effective and efficient BLE devices that fit all of your requirements, just send me an email to arrange a first call, where we discuss your current BLE problems and how I can help you to solve them.


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